Nour Project

Nour Project

To print, translate and publish the Holy Quran in the Muslim World

For enlighten our lives with the Holy Quran

There are still many Muslim societies who do not have access to copies of the Holy Qur’an for reading and recitation as well as a translation of it in their local languages. This is something that the Ummah still fails to accomplish.  Despite the progress made in printing the Holy Quran and reducing its costs.

In order to make the Holy Qur’an and its translations available to Muslims in their different countries, and to achieve cooperation for serving the Holy Qur’an, a partnership agreement was concluded between the founders of Al-Nour project.

First: Afro-Asian Cooperation Council

 The Afro-Asian Cooperation Council is a licensed civil society organization in Turkey that works to achieve cooperation in the economic, health, relief and cultural fields between Asian and African countries and cooperation in the field of serving the Ummah in several aspects.

Second: African Quran House (Dar Mushaf Afriquiya)

An international organization based in the Sudanese capital Khartoum and has a modern printing press. It has carried out many works in the field of printing, translation and distribution of the Holy Quran in the African continent and making it available with different readings (qiraat).

Third: Restu Foundation Malaysia


The Restu Foundation for the Printing and Publishing of the Holy Qur’an, is a center of Islamic arts specializing in the production of Qur’an publications and arts such as decorative design and Islamic arts.

The Foundation has produced various editions of the Qur’an in multiple languages such as Malay, Hausa, Kazakh and English.

The institution has a large and modern printing press and a conference and exhibition hall located in the middle of the capital, Putrajaya.

Fourth: Dar Al-Khairat for Publishing in Turkey

 Turkish pioneering institution working in the field of printing and distributing Qur’an, as it is considered one of the largest private printing presses in the world.

Dar Al-Khairat has printed many copies of the Holy Qur’an and distributed them in Turkey and many other countries in the world as well

The Al-Nour project seeks to fill up the existing gap in providing the Quran that the Ummah is in need of it.

A partnership agreement was concluded between the four parties with the aim of achieving the following goals:

❶ Coordinate and integrate efforts in the areas of publishing and printing the Holy Quran and its translations.

❷ Exchanging expertise, work experiences and its capabilities among these institutions.

❸ Adopting programs and projects to finance, support and develop the project.

As the Afro-Asian Cooperation Council works to enhance cooperation between Muslim countries, partners of the Council have been instructed to take practical arrangements for implementation of the above mentioned objectives. Also  to make all necessary efforts for making available support and financing to the three leading institutions in the field of serving the Holy  Qur’an and providing the needs of  Muslims in different countries through a network of relationships  between the council and different  institutions in the Muslim  World.

The attached account numbers bellow, have been allocated to receive support for this pilot project.

The donations for the project can be done in the following ways:

  • Account Number: Turkiye Finans
  • Turkish Lira :


– U.S. dollar:

– Euro:


  • Electronic donation: [Via a mechanism being prepared]
  • Direct donation: Through the council’s headquarters in Istanbul, the partners and their addresses, or the marketing officials accredited by the council.

Turkey – Istanbul:

Hürriyet Mah. Dumlupınar Cad. No:6 Kat:6 Daire:8 Bahçelievler/İstanbul
Sudan – Khartoum:

BP: 2870 Khartoum/Sudan, civil street- Al-Azhar muraba’a 26

Turkey – Istanbul:

Cumhuriyet Mah. Aşık Veysel Cad. No:72/A Küçükçekmece / İstanbul


Malaysia – Putrajaya:

Nasyrul Quran

14811, Jalan P14J,

Presint 14, 62675,


Country: Malaysia

State: Selangor

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